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Wonder what it would take for Apple to "move" iPad into PC category. Perhaps iOS version of XCODE would stop this "media tablet" nonsense from the research firms.
Does that apply to the older devices only that Samsung does not sell anymore?
$1B is probably less than the entire inventory Apple sold in Italy which is a country known to be not very iOS friendly.
 Well, for the 1st question, I've got directions between places on East Coast (called Mars and Jupiter). BTW I live in California.Google Now could not recognize Vladimir Putin and Leo Tolstoy every time I tried, needless to say it did not know what to do with the equation offering me web search results instead.
Just tried for fun the following questions on Google Now and Siri:   1. What is a distance between Mars and Jupiter? 2. How old is Vladimir Putin? 3. When did Benjamin Franklin die? 4. When was Leo Tolstoy born? 5. Solve equation x squared minus 4 equals 0.   G. Now was able to answer only the 3rd one while Siri answered them all (1-4 with voice answer and the last 5th one only visually)
Is it only for those who bought tablets on t-mobile? Or can I get this free 200MB plan with my ATT version of iPad 3?
Sweet. It is exactly why android is a good thing. Without competition Apple would not have upgraded the Mini to retina this year for sure!
Not sure I get this part "iPad reportedly accounted for a whopping 90% of tablet activations, according to Apple" Are there any other Apple tablets besides iPad? Or is it a share of iPad among tablets of all vendors?
I find it strange that they claim that A7 has double GPU performance compared to A6X. It is known that A6X (76.8 GFLOPS) has roughly double GPU performance over A6 A7 was also claimed to have double GPU performance over A6. This makes A7 GPU roughly equal to A6X GPU.
 What are you talking about? If google or even small app developers like TextFree can do it, then surely Apple can do it too and offer it for free at least for US calls.
New Posts  All Forums: