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 You nailed it.
 Monolith glass/metal design was a huge differentiation factor between iPhones and most of the junk out there with parts sticking or popping out.  Now they are about to join the same camp?  And it is not only about design - it is also about usability - it will lay on a surface unevenly. They could just make it flat and put more available volume into the battery.This is as stupid as it could get.
What would be nice - if Touch ID is introduced along with seamless multi-user experience on iPad - personalized folders, mail boxes, preferences, etc. Not sure if Apple is going to do that ever as they would prefer each family member to own a separate iPad.
 I would be not so sure that most consumers use cases for their iPhones.And why not to make it flat with extra .67mm added to the volume of the battery?
 Hmm, how about battery life, when the processor would not have to scale content provided in a standard resolution?
 4" models are very likely - they are called iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.
 Two of my colleagues (both make well above 6 figure for the reference) bought  Lumia 520 for about $100 unlocked.Maybe camera is shitty but UI is smooth as silk from what I've seen. So I am with my $700 iPhone starting wondering how Apple can even compete with these phones...
  It is an absolutely stupid idea. They could always keep the case thicker to cover the camera entirely and add more battery volume at the same time.
They better think how to hide cameras and fingertip sensor behind the screen. These bezels are so 2007.
 I guess you never ever went to a beach.
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