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  It is an absolutely stupid idea. They could always keep the case thicker to cover the camera entirely and add more battery volume at the same time.
They better think how to hide cameras and fingertip sensor behind the screen. These bezels are so 2007.
 I guess you never ever went to a beach.
What is a difference between World Cup Final and Super Bowl? One is watched for the game, the other - for commercials :)
 Not sure about that. If I was Nexus 5 owner, I would not probably switch to a bigger phone with a smaller screen.
Doesn't IGZO also allow virtually bezel-less displays? All these ugly iPhone6 mockups show huge bezels around the screen.
It was quite annoying this summer, that Apple maps suggested nearest Costco on Maui, while we were on Big Island. Had to switch to Google maps to find it. I see that the problem has been fixed already.
  This is a policy for 3rd party apps.  Where does it say Google itself may not serve Ads?
Don't get me wrong. I think he is operation genius, but he lacks vision. He bets on a company which was in its decline. And their streaming service was a total failure. If not saved by Apple, Beats would just die by slow death.Steve would never invest into the past.
 I guess you are one of the rare members of this forum who has a deep trust in Wall Street :)
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