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I miss the grid view option. I'm sure it's only available in selected views (e.g. playlists and albums).
It's good to know the Mac community have taken an objective look at Lion's battery life. My experience closely mirrors those found by this site. When I looked for possible solutions or even a recognition of the problem I found the web comments to be either dismissive or overly defensive of Apple. Anyway, it's good to see there's been some progress around this area.
I'm okay with a having social safety net, but there's no excuse for this crime.   And I've zero sympathy for this person and very much doubt he'll have any idea of the suffering he's caused.  I've experienced first hand of a loved one's possessions that have been stolen after they've recently died.  
  I didn't have to do a clean install as Lion ran really well, especially after the RAM upgrade. I did it because I'd run out of suggestions to try and improve my battery life.   What I find odd is that you find it implausible that new software can't inadvertently affect battery life.   But I agree with you on on one thing, it's to some extent based a user's actions as well as a software/hardware interaction. This is why I think I'm having worst battery performance...
That was my experience with Lion on a macbook '09 and it didn't improve much even after a clean install, etc.  I upgraded the RAM, tried all the usual forum advice, but in the end I just accepted the new OS requires more power for my basic usage.  Having nothing to lose, I've since upgraded to Mountain Lion and I like the OS even more, but I still find the battery life is my only issue.
I thought it was a good ad, but the product doesn't appeal to me. It seems like a pretty good device for using as a mini tablet at home, but too big for a phone or portable device.
Thanks for the feedback and it's good to know. That was very decent of Apple, but unfortunately mine says normal. I had no problems with the 10.7.3 update and it looks to have changed something as I'm on track to pass the 3 hours mark.I keep my system simple as it's used for iphoto, imovie, safari, etc. Basically, Macbook = pleasure, PC = work.
I'm also hoping for an improvement on the battery life as well (Macbook 5,1). At the moment it isn't much better than my cheap Toshiba laptop.
Absolutely and I know from our retail customers (supermarkets) that cash transactions costs them more than card transactions.
We've a customer that's replacing their aging PIN card readers and the new ones come with NFC. And since they need to get re-accredation with their Bank they're including the contactless tests.
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