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Here's my take. Most of the cost of owning a smartphone is with the two-year contract. At a minimum that's about $2000 for individuals and over $4000 for family plans. So the extra $100 or $200 one has to spend for an iPhone over the competition is in the noise level. The two-year contract is why Verizon and all the other carriers are so anxious to get the iPhone.
I haven't read many of the posts but I imagine someone has already amended this comment to multi-BILLION.
Can anyone out there tell me if H.264/HTML5 is a battery drainer like Flash? My battery life is cut in half or worse when I run Flash videos.
This is the closest Steve Jobs has come to saying there will be a Verizon iPhone. Why doesn't he just come out and confirm the rumors? I know what I'll be getting with my Christmas bonus. What luck that my Verizon contract comes due in December.
Come on. Do you really think the millions of potential US Verizon iPhone customers really care about "anywhere in the world"? I doubt it. But that's just my guess. There are plenty of "world" iPhone carriers besides Verizon if that's a must-have feature.
One day the WSJ will be right. Let's hope this rumor is it. But I was really hoping for a January release date. \
This point may have already been made. But Android's success should help to convince Steve Jobs that it's past time for the Verizon iPhone. I know I'm ready for one. Nevertheless, I do like Android's rise. It pushes Apple to get even better.
I'm sorry. So you have one survey that claims only 93% are satisfied. I stand corrected. But in my case I haven't found an iP4 owner who isn't satisfied with the hardware. They aren't all satisfied with AT&T and tell me they would switch to Verizon if given that choice. But not one has complained about the antenna or the death grip.
Don't try to bait me. From the stats I've seen 99+% of iP4 users are satisfied. And when you make comparisons, I suggest you don't compare apples (pun intended) and oranges. Some people who owned a Pinto died.
I've read some of these comments and it's deja vu all over again. I can't believe this debate is still raging. The iPhone 4 is selling like hotcakes and from what I can tell the only people who care about the antenna design are CR and a few AI whiners. Come on guys give it a rest. All this article did was stir the hornets nest. I'm just patiently waiting for my Verizon iPhone in January. \
New Posts  All Forums: