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In Firefox look under Tools, Add-ons, Plugins.
ClicktoFlash keeps my MacPro from running hot and my battery from running out.
I agree. If you believe the iPhone is that fragile, don't buy one unless you intend to use a protective cover. But I don't trust this article at all. There is no way the glass would shatter like that from a three foot drop. I'll be waiting to see what Apple has to say about this bogus test.
I'm retired and don't need MS Office to be fully compatible anymore. The next time I upgrade my word processing and spreadsheet software I will go with Apple's iWork. It doesn't seem to have all the capabilities of MS Office but that may only be because I'm not as familiar with iWork.
The video I watched showed the WiFi problem. It wasn't an AT&T issue. Get your facts straight.
Interesting link. Can the iPhone naysayers provide a link that contradicts this?
So am I conclude that iPhone users are older, smarter and richer?
Does anyone know if HTML5 will drain my laptop battery like Flash does?
MS has a phone?
Ballmer needs to look at where Apple was just 5 years ago. I wonder what he'll say 5 years from now?
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