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Consumer Reports has no credibility. I haven't trusted their recommendations for years. This latest announcement confirms my decision.
I'm not even sure I hear her humming.
Can anyone out there tell me why the "average" iPhone user wants to jailbreak? I can understand the computer nerds doing it but not Aunt Sue. Don't most users just want to use the existing capabilities w/out worrying about accessing apps and/or cables that aren't Apple sanctioned? Making a call, surfing the net, playing some games, listening to music and taking a photo don't require jailbreaking for the iPhone to be fun and useful.
Poor Android What will they do? I think Apple has some cases they can use
Go for it Amazon. Competition is good. But be prepared to lose.
It's still done. There's no more story here. Well I did hear that each iP4 now comes with a piece of silly putty to appease the people who aren't buying one anyway.
I keep coming back to these articles to see if the postings are still lame. They are...especially all the "analogies" of crashing cars, cars not running, pickles not dill enough, shirt collars not stiff enough. But I digress. Maybe Monday's articles will bring some fresh discussion topics. The iPhone antenna story is done. Stick a fork in it.
Thanks for the advice. Your comments convinced me that my years of using excellent Apple products have been a figment of my imagination. Too bad the iPhone facts don't back up your claims. But, for your sake, I am happy you have a choice of phones and carriers.
I had a similar experience with Apple's Genius Bar. My MacBook was having issues with the display. It was 45 days past the 1-year warranty. Apple waived the "standard" $275 maintenance fee and I had the repaired MacBook mailed to my house in 3 business days. Apple takes care of their customers. So I'm not surprised by your story.
Oh, I'm sorry. Finger-gate. Let the hysteria begin.
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