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All the "death grip" examples posted by Apple simply prove what a joke antenna-gate was. It's looks like Apple was "snookered" into giving away free cases. All the whining may pay off in the long run. The next outcry on the internet won't be taken very seriously. Apple wins again.
More proof that Apple is the leading innovator in computers, iPods, smartphones and tablets. Competition is welcome because it will make Apple even better! Good luck HP and bring it on.
Come on Apple bashers! Y'all are late out of the gate. I'm glad for AT&T but I'm still holding out for a Verizon iPhone. The question is....can Apple meet the ever increasing demand?
Thank you. I can sleep in peace tonight knowing you are out there alive and well.
I came here to read some troll trash. Where are they? I'm so disappointed.\
People who do't get it usually go "hmmmm."
You are right. I never worked in retail. Earlier posters suggested I look at the Apple retail store hours. It looks more like 72 to 75 hours a week is more accurate. I don't know if your assumption about half the stores never closing is right? I looked at several of the larger cities and New York was the only one I found that was 24/7. 1) 60 million visitors in the last quarter at 300 stores.2) 1 quarter = 13 weeks = 13*75hours = 975 hours3) 60,000,000/975 = 61,538...
I should have checked the store hours. My local Apple Store is open 72 hours a week. But the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York is open 24/365. So I guess the foot traffic is closer to 200 an hour. Like you said, still impressive.
This is slightly off topic. I don't know if any of you remember that Steve Jobs said the 300 Apple Stores had over 60 million visitors last quarter. Assuming the stores are open 8 hours a day everyday, that equates to almost 300 (277 doing the math) visitors an hour at each store. I can believe that since they are always crawling with people when I'm there. So I expect to see iPhone sales continue at this torrid pace. Can you imagine the flurry of visitors when...
I hope this "forecast" is enough to push Steve Jobs towards Verizon. Maybe the rumors about January 2011 will turn into reality this fall instead. It will be interesting to see how the iPhone fairs on a network that actually has quality reception. That's why I won't leave Verizon for AT&T. Besides that I'm just no fan of the Droid phones. The App Store and iTunes have no competition IMHO. I tries going PC and to describe my experience in technical terms that most...
New Posts  All Forums: