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....but I just can't resist. @chronster AND @anonymouse CAT FIGHT! CAT FIGHT! Really guys...enough already. Blogging is not supposed to be a contact sport!
What about the far-left lunatic fringe in politics? If you are taking comparisons in that direction, how about being fair and balanced.
I did start reading the back and forth after I posted my comment. From what I can tell the EVO user compared the iPhone 3G/3GS to the iP4 and reported that the iP4 dropped calls while the 3G/3GS did not. What he didn't report was if the signal strength was "weak". It does seem like the iP4 has a more sensitive weak spot than the 3G/3GS. But I also know that networks make a difference. The fact that his EVO worked better than the iP4 is due more to the network than the...
Good point. I'll be interested to see a counterpoint.
You said it better than I. This whole debate now boils down to Apple vs the competition. I'm happy we all have choices. Well, not all of us. I'm with Verizon and I still have to wait for them to get the iPhone. Oops...that is my choice isn't it?
I knew Apple would catch hell for telling us that other smartphones can experience antenna interference. But Steve Jobs did make a point to say the other smartphones were fine phones. Nevertheless, this AI article proves that HTC lied. I'll bet we won't see any press coverage and user lambasting of the HTC lie. Poor Apple...they should have put a "do not touch here" page in the iPhone 4 manual. We all know it would have never stopped people from buying it. But it...
Well, I'm a simple consumer. If the product doesn't work as promised, I won't buy that brand again. So if my iPhone worked as you describe and I can get a refund, back it goes. And I'll try another brand. I've owned a lot of things that didn't work as promised. But only one of them.
Your logic just doesn't make sense to me. IMO customer complaints work. iPhone sales have not been affected. But if you feel you are right, then just return your phone and move on. If Apple has screwed up, they will pay for it in the market place. BTW, 100% of a small number is still small. It's all relative. ATT is not known for their reception excellence...at least not with the iPhone. Yet the iPhone users haven't abandoned ATT. Let's see if there's still an...
I guess you watched a different press conference than I did. Steve Jobs provided two data point with regards to (1) complaints to Apple Care (0.55%) and (2) dropped calls are less than 1 more per 100 calls over the 3GS. Not to mention that the return rate is less than 2%. He showed that other smartphones experience the same antenna weakness. He admitted that the iPhone antenna was not perfect. Apple is giving all iP4 users a free case. Apple is offering a total...
If Senator Schumer wrote that letter, I'll eat my laptop. But I don't disagree with the sentiment.
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