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When this iPhone controversy first started I made a joke that I had read where Apple was going to offer left-handed and right-handed iPhones. Upon reflection some three weeks later I'm beginning to think that might not be a bad solution.
I was just ribbing you. Tiger has lost a lot of respect and sponsors...not to mention his dominance on the golf course. I believe in redemption but Tiger has a ways to go before he reaches his previous stature. As far as Apple's reputation goes, I predict this iPhone flap will be a faint memory before the summer is over. If Apple comes out and admits they lied about the problem, you will owe me an "I told you so."
Stop insulting Apple!
This is merely wishful thinking from MS. From what I can find out iPhone 4 sales are still booming. And I haven't seen any reports of people returning them for a refund. Of course it has only been 3 weeks.
q.e.d. :d
You do know that won't happen don't you? The problem is that I'm still wasting my time reading the same minutia. I just wish Apple would do something to shut up the whiners. Everyone of them knows they can take the iPhone back for a refund anytime they choose. But whining and bitching about Apple is more fun. Of course we can only guess at how many of these people actually have an iPhone to whine about.
It sounds like you have a bad iPhone or really weak signal. What did Apple say when you took it back?
I agree. It would be interesting to see that data. BTW...in the spirit of full disclosure I don't have an iPhone. As a diehard Verizon customer I am patiently waiting. But I can say that from what I've seen and from my friends who have iPhones there is nothing about this antenna flap to keep me from buying the iP4. Especially since we know a bumper case mitigates the reception anomaly.
I just can't understand your feeling of being scammed. If you bought an iPhone 4 and don't like it, there's a 30-day return policy. There are plenty of smartphones out there from which to choose. I can appreciate your being disappointed in the iPhone's performance and inconvenienced for having to return it for a refund but how have you been scammed. Apple isn't forcing you to keep their product.
Well said. Unfortunately, things have snowballed to the point where I don't know what Apple can say or do at this point. They are caught in that proverbial "damned if I do and damned if I don't" trap. But it will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the weeks ahead.
New Posts  All Forums: