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If that's worst part to you, then you really shouldn't have any complaints.
Please tell me you went to bed late last night and just didn't get a good night's sleep. Comparing the BP oil spill catastrophe to the iPhone reception problem is maybe the dumbest analogy I've ever heard. But then I haven't heard all your analogies.
I agree with you. But don't you think Apple should have been more proactive in addressing the "problem"? I'll bet Apple is kicking themselves for not offering free bumpers right after the complaints started. Now they are perceived as ignoring there is a reception issue. Whatever Apple does now won't be enough. Their silence is viewed at worst as an admission of wrongdoing or at best indifference to customer satisfaction. It's both disappointing and frustrating that...
It also says people use the internet or watch TV news. The Apple iPhone reception story has been on all the internet as well as the major news and cable channels. It's hard to believe even the laziest consumer hasn't heard all the hoopla over Apple's iPhone 4.
I've read a lot of your posts and I think you are pretty fair with your opinions and reports. As far as the CR report goes, I don't have a dog in that hunt. But I do have a CR subscription. And I often factor in their reviews when I'm making a purchase. Having said that, I must say I thought the video was tacky. I mean, that last bit with a piece of raggedy duct tape stuck over the antenna gap makes me wonder about CR's motive. Maybe it was just a stunt to boost...
I don't think it's possible to discredit NBC news any more than they do themselves. I'm not sure about CR. This story about the iPhone is troubling. I didn't read the actual CR article so I don't know if they apologized to their readers for jumping on the iPhone 4 bandwagon in the first place. It's for sure I will take what CR says with a bit of skepticism in the future.
Stop with the logic!
NBC still does news?
I just wasn't clear in my earlier comments. I realize that an unlocked iPhone costs more but I didn't know how iPhones were used outside the US. So it didn't make sense to pay $800 when you could get a subsidized iP4 for $200. If you buy an unlocked iP4 in Canada (or on eBay) and went with TMobile in the US, I assume the monthly usage costs are about the same. So you would pay more by not using AT&T. But before you jump on that logic remember that I said "assume."
With AT&T the iP4 costs $200 plus the contract costs. You pay (about) the same thing for a Droid. So aren't all smartphones subsidized? At least that's the way the mobile phone business works in the US. Your opinion of the Droid is the same as mine. It just looks and feels cheap. I am happy with my iTouch and flip phone until Verizon and Apple join hands.
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