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Thanks for the reply. Having a choice of carriers is nice but It sounds like the cost in Canada is much higher since the iPhone isn't subsidized. Maybe it's worth the higher cost if the coverage is better? Since I'm with Verizon I've never had reception problems. That's why I'll be patient until they get the iPhone.
Why do you buy an iPhone without a contract? I take it people are getting around the requirement by cheating? Or is it different outside the US? Obviously, I don't have an iPhone yet. I'm one of those Verizon holdouts. Oh yeah...your Lexus comment was a bit snotty. But then I wasn't too nice to those eBay patrons. So maybe I deserved your ridicule.
I guess this proves there are enough idiots out there to keep eBay in business. Why would anyone but an idiot spend $800 when they can get one for $200. Plus, I'm curious how you did this without paying AT&T for voiding your contract? Can you send me the buyer's email? I have some really good deals I would like to offer him/her.
Thanks for the compliment. I have to admit since switching to Apple products I have enjoyed computers and electronic gadgets more than ever. Unfortunately, I don't have an iPhone since I'm not willing to dump Verizon. But I love my iPod Touch. BTW, is fanboi a french word?
That phone looks like my DuraLabel handheld label maker
After reading thru these posts it's comforting to know I'm not the only one who thinks the Android looks like an iPhone wannabe. Like they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But I'd rather have the real thing.
Steve Jobs and Jony Ive get my vote. And I predict the iPhone 4 will win some awards too. It will put a "death grip" on the competition....especially when Verizon comes on board.
Are you kidding me? AI must be digging thru trash cans for stories. When I worked in R&D, the best way to get things done was to use the bosses name. And I always wanted to work the bosses problems. If the boss was happy, everything ran much better. Of course you had to produce!
Like he said...don't buy it.
I agree. The NY Times ad definitely looks like it was run by Motorola. Apple knows it's only business. Besides, I've seen the Droid and it looks like cheap plastic compared to the iPhone. No wonder Motorola wanted to show as little as possible.
New Posts  All Forums: