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Another slow news day. What Verizon says doesn't mean anything. If Steve Jobs wants to sell more iPhones, Verizon is the logical partner. The challenge is whether Apple can make enough iPhones to meet demand.
I was actually beginning to nod my head in agreement until you took a shot at Fox News. You are an obvious Kool Aid drinker and your argument lost all relevance.
Your conclusion seems obvious to me. Plus, the profit margin of those "other sources" is, most likely, larger.
Maybe it's just me but I find the statement "In fact, the iPod Touch is arguably one of Apple’s most important products as that device is a gateway drug to Apple’s other products, so to speak" just a tad condescending. But then I thought the article was a bit overkill anyway. Whether the iPhone is considered an iPod doesn't really matter. Not everyone can afford the expensive end of the iPod line and I don't see Apple abandoning the lower cost devices anytime soon. To...
Thanks for pointing that out. The sarcastic "Don't hold it like that" statement that first hit the headlines probably made me delusional. What irritated me was the incomplete story of what Apple actually acknowledged. I should have said "misleading" instead of "fake."
Here's the link http://www.macrumors.com/2010/06/24/...h-a-non-issue/ I imagine you've seen this. My contention is that Steve Jobs never meant "Avoid holding it that way" as his complete answer. The follow-up clarified his first reply. Paraphrasing, Apple said to avoid covering the lower portion of the iPhone if you experience reception problems. It should be obvious that SJ was referring to weak signals. We all know that blocking a radio signal can interfere with...
Just more opinions with no facts. It's so easy to play "what if" games and spout conspiracy theories without any technical or design knowledge. These people should stop trying to pretend their blogs represent valid news or reputable journalism.
I would rather you prove to me what is true. There have been no "controlled" experiments. Only videos showing how to go from 5 bars to no service which Apple has admitted was probably a false reading of a weak signal. When you get into the noise level of a radio signal, it takes very little blockage to lose reception. Let's see what the users are reporting and what Apple is admitting after a month or two has passed. And the "Don't hold it that way" email was a fake...
Please! Stop! Telling a lie a thousand times doesn't make it the truth. Most of these stories come from sites that regularly attack Apple. And the third link continues to propagate those fake Steve Jobs emails.
Thanks for the advice! Guess I need to practice on my lying. But you got my point. One can say anything about anything to stir the pot.
New Posts  All Forums: