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It must be said that Dell's edge-to-edge display is something Apple should have done ages ago.
Foxbots? So they're replacing Chinese workers with Fox 'News' viewers? Bad move, they'll quit as soon as they find out that Obama uses Apple products.
Sacto joe, the rest of the world does have its own laws, no matter how bad you'd want to think the US = everything.
"Forstall.jpg" Lol. Is that screen shot from Dropbox's promo pics or is it made by AppleInsider?
If there ever was a perfect opportunity for a Photoshop alternative to make a breakthrough, this is it. Fsck you Adobe, your arrogance and greed is just stupefying.
Honest answer, I do wear a watch. Because a watch is way more practical than a cellphone. A quick glance at your wrist gives you the time much faster than digging your phone out of your bag/pocket/@$$/whatever.
"The only thing original about that Swiss clock seems to be the red ball on the seconds hand. Besides that, it looks like any average, common clock." It does look like any average common clock now. But when it first appeared it was unlike any other clock - it's an original design. Many other clocks look like it for the same reason many smartphones now look like the iPhone. That's why Apple snatching this particular design (Apple's always had an eye for classic modernist...
This stretching of the screen makes no frickin' sense. I'm gonna keep my 4.
It's funny cos it's true. Samesung spent the first half of the previous decade making Nokia knock-offs. Slavish imitation is in their corporate DNA.
BWAHAHAHAHAAAA. Samsung is such a sorry xerox.   Mind you, before the iPhone all of Samsung's phones were copies of Nokia, Blackberry and SonyEricsson phones. Same-sung has always been nothing but a cheap me-too.
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