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To answer your third questions, Microsoft does offer 1/2 and 1/4 sizes on the Surface. I also believe that 3/4 sizes are there too.
Im having the same issue with my iPod Touch 5th gen. I dont know how to fix it.
Hmmm that is true, wonder what the reason is.
We will see how long it lasts. Sprint will have to have quite an extensive roll-out of their LTE network to support all of the people who want the next gen iPhone.
The irony with how Moto feels. Funny considering XDA devs can bring updates to phones, *relatively* bug free in less time than OEM's can
We have a winner here folks
Yeah its Apple's fault that Adobe couldnt make flash work on a mobile device. So much for that blasted selling point on Android Steve was right the entire time
Ive already sent two. Its quick easy and for a wonderful price
Doesnt matter what "branding" it has now, they arent the same OS and as such you shouldnt associate your experiences with Windows Mobile with Windows Phone. Windows Phone is a rebooted OS that runs buttery smooth and doesnt have any of the issues you had with Windows Mobile.
Dont let you Windows Mobile experience define your Windows Phone experience. Windows Mobile is NOT Windows Phone That being said I think Apple and Microsoft's model for updating phones it light years ahead and more stable than Android's "maybe" model.
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