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Windows Phone isn't Windows 8. Its just on Mango there is a majority of stuff right off the bat that us integrated at the OS level so you don't need apps but no one said that Windows Phone didn't need apps. All mobile OS'es need apps
They never said that it was innovative, AppleInsider is just reporting that they like Apple did will be having a curated central store for downloading applications. Why all the hate? What did Microsoft do to you?
Its not original in the least, but its something that they do plan on implementing though. I dont see whats wrong with them having a marketplace either
"Moving on to discuss the current patent situation, Jha reassured investors that Motorola Mobility has a healthy intellectual property portfolio. According to him, Motorola has "one of the strongest IP portfolios" in 4G wireless networking, 2G, 3G and battery management." ORLY?
Last time I checked the enemy here is Android, not Windows Phone. Also I think Windows Phone is a very fluid and nice experience and I think in the next 3-4 years, the battle will be right back to who its always been between: Microsoft vs Apple.
Sorry but the need for something bigger that 3.5, 4, and 4.3 inch screen automatically makes you wrong MS. Come out with a tablet and then you can talk.
I had to sig that xD
Ironic because thats the day the Xoom comes out xD Once again shall be sucking all the air out of the room with this one if its true
The thread wasnt even about Android but you wanna start shit anyways On topic, this would be a very interesting idea if executed correctly
So just to clarify if you are running the 4.2.1 GM it should still update right?
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