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Imagine what Google would be like if Steve Jobs ran the company.
Its being added early 2011
If you actually read the article, it clearly says 9
Well while they might not be prompt in the launch time, I wish them the best of luck. competition only makes the likes of Android and iOS stronger
Oh call me stupid instead. I know who won this exchange
You still havent told me why they didnt release their findings? Im waiting.
Oh so because its Duke & Penn State publishing these "findings" it precludes the fact that its FUD? That makes perfect sense. Why didnt they post what the apps were? They would rather tell Android users that apps they have are unsafe but no provide the list of what is the issues are. Sounds like a winner to me
What gets me is that they dont disclose these "apps that send data sententiously to third parties" Sounds like a FUD story to me
Yes this is true, along with possible gps, higher mp camera and other stuff that will be in iOS 5.1
Well this would a way to move further away from Google. Besides having Bing is a choice too. I mean Yahoo is there and how many of us ever change the search to that? Bing Maps is superior to Googles.
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