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Its not speculation. Here is the link.http://www.cultofmac.com/75486/apple...ent-exclusive/
If you recall, Apple bought the rights to the IP from Liquidmetal Technologies in August 2010 and then patented the fuel cell stack made from an amorphous glass ie: Liquidmetal. I really hope Apple does this as I keep reading about America's technological revolution that we are in and how we could be energy independent in 10 years. That would be amazing..
Per their agreement, liquidmetal has until 08/2012 to meet specific benchmarks. By the time other companies can get ahold of aluminum lathes, Apple may start moving on to superior differentiating technology. ie: Liquidmetal blowmolding.
Apple signed agreement w/ Liquidmetal. In agreement, Apple agrees to commercialize Liquidmetal. In agreement, Liquidmetal must achieve specific benchmarks within 2 years. Agreement dated August 2010. In separate articles, head of Yale Materials Science Department states Apple will use Liquidmetal in iPhone within next 2 years. THAT is what will be very exciting.
I think that orders and demand for Samsung televisions are down because most people already own flatscreens and because more people are turning to online entertainment instead of satellite and cable for example. Apple is going to destroy Samsung. I hope Samsung burns in hell
The story everyone seems to be missing here is who gets what in this consortium deal? Most journalists and bloggers seem to assume the winners will all share equally in the IP spoils. But I have people who know people and the word I am hearing it that’s not the way the consortium works at all. Some consortium members get patents, some get royalties, and some just get freedom from having to pay royalties. Notice Nokia isn’t in the consortium? The Finnish company is...
This is great that Apple owns the LTE patents. I hope the A-team rips Samsung a new A-hole. I hope Google gets hit with a huge anti-trust lawsuit. Then I hope Apple releases a Liquidmetal battery and puts every other computer maker out of their misery.
I wish these executives would say this, "we are not trying to compete with the iPad" BEFORE they get horrible reviews.. Now their lack of sales is "justified".
I will tell you precisely why they will go to Liquidmetal sooner rather than later. Samsung and every other computer maker is copying Ape and the computers are literally as thin as they can get, or are they... Liquidmetal is twice as strong as aerospace grade titanium. Due to it's amazing strength, Apple could literally make their cases much thinner than aluminum and maintain the same strength. This would drop the weight of the case by at least 25%. That is significant...
Google "Jan Schroers". He makes Liquidmetal in different color variances with different alloy compositions. It's dope.
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