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Man when I saw the reports last night I thought they were wrong for sure. Good thing I had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and checked my phone! Got a 32 GB space gray on the way! Now back to bed haha!
It really rubs me the wrong way when people describe the iPhone 5C as a "new" phone. IT'S NOT!!! It has the exact same internals as an iPhone 5 (with the exception of a slightly larger battery and slightly better front camera). All they did was put it into a plastic case instead of a metal case. The price is exactly the same as the 5 would have been had Apple continued to offer it. The only difference is now Apple will definitely be making more money per handset since the...
I bet Safari is snappier too :-D
  I suspect at some point in the not-too-distant future Apple will merge OSX and iOS into a single operating system. The two have been converging in features and design for years, so it doesn't seem that unreasonable.
  Ummm...what? Are you stoned?
Third gen iPad obsolete after only 6 months. Thanks Apple.
What a great day to be working from home in the afternoon! Will definitely be tuning in!
Agreed. If the iPhone got much thinner, I would worry about not being able to hold it securely. I'd much rather have better battery life than a thinner phone.
Wow, I'm a bit surprised Apple would cave and help AT&T with it's campaign of disinformation about 4G. Apple is usually pretty good at remaining independent of its carrier partners.
That's actually the iPad 1 in the picture. The buttons and rotation switch aren't visible when you look at the iPad 2 head on like that. So Apple actually didn't reveal anything with that invite.
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