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I have iPhone 4, on which i tried to upgrade to ios7. ios7 got successfully upgraded, but the funny part is i forgot my password. It's just change in the new keypad design isn't allowing me to recall my password which i had been using for nearly 2years.   Now, am trying to "Restore iPhone" using iTunes. But error message says
sounds good  will try ExFat and see how it goes
thanks,  have you used ExFat....if yes, then what's your review on it
what i saw with Paragon or Tuxera is, every time i upgrade my mac os like Snow leapord to Lion then to Mountain Lion, it stops stops detecting my ntfs hdd. Then i would download the 'then latest' Paragon and Tuxera which would start detecting my ntfs hdd's.   But this time when i upgraded to Mountain lion, even though i upgraded my Paragon, it didn't recognise my ntfs hdd. Later, also tried with Tuxera which also didn't help.   Latest news i heard is, if i format...
the only problem i would be facing with Fat32 is that i can't transfer files which is more than 6gb. some of my dmg files i have (like adobe/final cut pro setup) is more than 6gb.   any work around for this?
  After reading the link you had provided, i tried LABEL=2TB none ntfs rw,auto,nobrowse on /private/etc/fstab.hd. But still it isn't working.    Under Disk Utlity, my hdd is showing as 2 TB OEM, but under finder nothing is seen.   please help
I'm using Mountain Lion 10.8.2. Need to use my 2TB NTFS partition. Until last Max OS, Tuxera or Paragon used help me detect my 2tb ntfs HDD.   After installing Mountain Lion, my harddisk is not detecting, it says "The disc you had inserted is not readable by this computer"   please help
Thanks 'macintoshtoffy' for your info.
Hi LE Studios.This is wired. I watched the entire 10 minutes video and nothing was there related to this thread. I understand that somebody or you, playing a 3d game using MacBookPro. But instead of asking us to watch this whole video you would have told us "I had played for 10 minutes on high end game using MacBookPro and nothing happened" . Hi Marvin and nvidia2008, Thanks for referring the utilities that would help me to control the heat.
That's bad. I wonder whether Apple is really trying to find a solution to this heating problem. My current MacBookPro is really bad.
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