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#$%^!! *scribbles scratchgate off the list*
That's exactly how braille can be done.
It's going to sell a shitload and you know it. 30m+ in its first year on the market.
I think it goes under-appreciated how gorgeous the back of Apple Watch is. It's a real testament to the build quality. Have you seen the back of the Moto 360, LG G Watch, or G Watch R? Yuck.
 Guess what, that's why you don't work at Apple.
Apple is going to need some hefty binders for all of these women!   Jokes aside, people who don't see the point in this aren't in touch with the nature of this issue and why this is a very good thing. There are serious issues of gender bias in the workplace, particularly in Silicon Valley which tends to exclude, isolate and underpay women. Good on Apple and hopefully other tech companies (and companies in general) follow suit.
How can the iPhone 6 possibly exceed expectations if the expectation is that it will exceed expectations?
Looks like Google is working hard to catch up after the devastation caused by Apple Maps. ;p
This raises some interesting questions. Will the nano continue to run the iPod OS, or bump up to a legitimate iOS device? Are apps a consideration for the nano? Keyboard text input? Wifi connectivity? AirPlay? Apple TV controller capability? I doubt they'd waste much real estate on the front of the device as in the mockup. It would probably have a bigger display. Although this could cause some minor software fragmentation, it could also feasibly become a key part of the...
I'm holding out for the iPad Shuffle.
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