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So not a single part has surfaced for 5.5" model, but production is starting in a few weeks? I don't think we will be seeing a 5.5" iphone anytime soon.
I'm sorry to say, but there is no 5.5" model. Lots of people want one, but if it exists then some parts should have already shown up. I haven't seem a part that wasn't from a 4.7" When Tim Cook leaves the stage in Sept, there will be a lot of cranky people.
And if as written the phone blocks texts and doesn't tell me that one was sent? How would I know?How about a doctor? Should they be I reachable because Apple decides when you can get messages?Before you start running your mouth, how about you read what was written? It makes you look like an idiot.
So my pregnant wife, who is due to give birth any day, would not be able to send me a text because the phone has decided that I am driving and it would therefore be unsafe? The day Apple implements this "feature" is the day I get rid of my iPhone.
I do feel like a fool for having bought the iPad 3.It does seem like Apple is cutting corners in some areas, when the introduce some new exciting feature. Look at the retina MacBook Pro, the first one was a little underpowered in the GPU department compared to the current revs.When Apple comes out with their first 4K laptop, I guess I'll wait until the second revision.
Even with 802.11ac speeds, you would not see a performance gain with an SSD vs a spinning drive. Other than reliability, there's no reason for an SSD, and since they are so much more expensive, a traditional HD would be a better choices for a wireless backup.
Sorry, no ability to upgrade the RAM, and I wouldn't touch the laptop. I wish Apple would rethink making things so thin. I don't know of anyone who said that their old 13" MacBook Pro was too heavy. If the cost of thiner is no longer being able to better your computer, then it's not worth doing.
How dare anyone mess with the temple of the Steve?
How about Thunderbolt to USB 3???
So they can beat apple by copying apple? They only way Sony can win is to come up with something to change the game. The name Sony doesnt draw people the way it used to. They have to be better than apple.
New Posts  All Forums: