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Real work, anywhere.  True, these days my daily carry is an 11" model, and I do use a second monitor at the office.  But the 17" MPB let me do more serious work than I can cram into a small screen, no matter where I was.  If the 17" model was still being made I might be among the few who would opt for it.
From the article:   "It's the widespread launch of a universal app-scanning system -- a system that watches your device for any new application, even one loaded directly onto the device ("sideloaded") from outside of the Google Play Store, and instantly checks the app for malicious or potentially harmful code. That's huge. And while we've been busy focusing on new devices and fun features, Google's been busy making sure every Android user has that system on his phone --...
True, the Harris methodology has long been questionable, having once relied on spammail and then launching a lawsuit against MS, AOL, and others for blocking their spam (which they later showed the good judgment to drop). Do you think this methodology is more sound? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-21857393
Microsoft may not be the best example there.  The only market they ever truly dominated was the desktop, where they continue to enjoy more than 85%.
Well, actually they do, more or less.  As a market research group, they frequently give away some of their research to as a promotional expense.
Best line you've ever written.  Thanks. Overlaid on a market share pie chart it'll make quite a t-shirt.
  Correction:  the title of the article was written by the editors at Macworld.   You can share your opinion about the quality of their writing here: http://www.idgcsmb.com/contact/
Would you kindly provide the URLs to such posts here?
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It's not like Apple's never done anything like this before.  It's not all that different from how we went from Mac Classic to OS X.
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