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I can appreciate that argument on purely capitalistic terms, and I recognize that Apple's in business to make money.   But on the other hand, when it comes to sacrificing utility for an artificial boost in profits, that doesn't seem Apple's way.  Sure, they make good money, but it seems mostly from delivering utility, not from hampering it.   And besides, given the trend in relative market share, my prediction and yours may be very much in synch after all.
Apple didn't get where it is by running from challenges.  They seem to be asking themselves, "How can we make useful things simple?"    Multiple user accounts are useful on tablets.  I'd wager Apple will add them in under two years.
Apparently their customers see them differently: http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/07/22/apple-refunds-6131-itunes-bill-for-8-year-olds-unauthorized-in-app-purchases
"Retina" is a marketing term.  Depending on your visual acuity and the distance between your eyes and the screen, higher res may offer a noticeably improved image, while for others even "retina" displays offer little noticeable benefit.
Good point.  No doubt that 0.4 made all the difference between the fall you predicted and the actual outcome.   Oh, right, I need to add this: /s
That's a very specific claim, and very different from what I've been reading.  I've seen a few article questioning whether it's possible for Apple to maintain the sort of growth they've had in recent years going forward into a future approaching saturation on the high-end, but none of them have questioned the very survival of the company.    URL?
Looks like the "crisis" was well handled. When you need parts, go to the industry leader for those parts.  Solved.   The "thermonuclear war" jingoism made for good headlines and all, but at the end of the day Apple needs to ship.    Tim Cook is a cool-headed expert in supply chain management who seems to be handling this well.
Doesn't iOS have multiple user accounts?  
I must have missed the part where Apple just invited the intruder in.  A lot of people have the silly notion he broke into the servers.   Thanks for clearing that up.
New Posts  All Forums: