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Apparently so, "an intruder" successfully breached their dev servers:   http://www.theverge.com/2013/7/21/4543878/apple-completely-overhauling-developer-site-after-intrusion
Which models did you have, and what features were you needing updates to that you were willing to switch ecosystems even after being a repeat customer?
I wonder if this article was written on an iPad....
Tried Google?  Searching for "Windows RT failure" turns up more than 5 million hits:   https://www.google.com/search?q=Windows+RT+failure
  JayZ isn't mentioned in the article Derek linked to.    So you're also unable to find anyone who's actually been affected by the potential security risk described there?   You would be well advised to avoid the ad hominems.  I've seen people get banned here for less.
Sounds pretty serious.  I wonder how many Android users got their phones taken over by organized crime.  100 million? 50 million?  1?
Both platforms have a lot of "exclusives", but how many are in the top 100?
This "platform war" meme is for phone makers and fans, but the more successful devs don't generally buy into it, simply developing for both.   How many of these popular iOS apps aren't available for Android?  Can you list even a dozen from the top 100 iOS apps that aren't also in Google Play?
Citation needed.
New Posts  All Forums: