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Or the OS X kernel, or Safari's WebKit, or...   http://www.apple.com/opensource/
You're absolutely right:  If after being presented with the permissions the app is requesting and you decide to install it, you have the freedom to never again look at the app's settings to see that same list presented there.   As a side note, ever notice that OS X doesn't provide a list of app permissions at all?
:: crickets ::
Sounds a lot like OS X, where for now users are still free to sideload from outside of Apple's store.    But even then, OS X doesn't provide the access requirements for apps that Android does, so from the arguments presented here it would seem that OS X is less secure.
Are there any Mac users here old enough to remember when orgs still made platform-specific web sites?  Back in the day many were requiring Windows, and it would drive Mac folks crazy to see interoperability tossed in favor of vendor-specific implementations.  My, how times have changed.   Which bank do you use?
So this is the most devastating malware crisis the world has ever seen, eh?   Kindly tell us, Mr. McLean:  what is the number of users who have actually been affected by this exploit?
How dare you actually read the source material and come in here with your mere facts!  Only feel-good pablum is allowed here!  Who's paying you to post here, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, or some other enemy du jour?  /s
Didn't Apple fix that years ago?
Trivial or not, most (maybe all?) of those are available in Google Play.   Platform wars are only for OS marketers and ardent fans; most serious devs (and nearly all of the profitable ones) don't choose, they simply deploy to both.
Forstall wasn't the only one at Apple who shared Steve's love of skuemorphism.    Personally, I like where iOS 7 is moving, but it isn't hard to imagine that Ive had to throw his mandate around a bit to get it going.
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