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Three years later, DigiTimes still insists Apple will ditch Samsung for TSMC http://************/2013/06/24/three-years-later-digitimes-still-insists-apple-will-ditch-samsung-for-tsmc/   EDIT: Seems the local cheiftans don't lilke competition - the system here replaced the domain in the link above with asterrisks.  The domain is 9 to 5 mac (dot) com.
Thanks, Prince, for sharing with us that you believe your opinions to be distinct from others' by being the only ones which somehow aren't opinions at all, the only words which can describe how the world is.   Bravo.  I know a few folks at Cupertino who feel a bit differently about their work, but hey, all they have is their opinion....
I don't think I've ever seen Prince so sweepingly critical of Apple before.   Is this a recent shift of opinion, or was he that critical at the time of those releases he now feels were just fluff?
It couldn't have been something he'd said, or they'd have to ban about half the members. ;)
  Please.  Apple makes great stuff, but they're not masters of all possible human activities in the world.   Sometimes it's good to bring a specialist in.   Exhibit A: (from the source this AI article is based on: http://www.businessweek.com/news/2013-06-11/apple-with-1984-ad-partner-are-said-to-plan-new-campaign-tech#p1 ).     Exhibit B:   Steve Jobs Almost Named The iMac The MacMan, Until This Guy Stopped...
Given that my question wasn't trolling, sadly you've merely validated the question.
I'm flattered by your constant attention, but also curious:  Have you ever gone a week without stooping to ad hominems?
Apple withheld a valuable feature until now, in some rude form of planned obsolescence?   Please.  Give them a little more credit.
Thanks.  Surprising it took so many posts to arrive at that.   The only thing this article said that Clow "believes" about the name is simply, "Clow believes, however, that the tech guru knew personal computing would be somewhat daunting to the masses, and wanted a company name that would seem non-threatening."   There's nothing there in any way exclusive of additional reasons for choosing the word "Apple".  On the contrary, it merely supports them.
Clow was a personal friend of Jobs for 30 years.  Chances are he knows more about Apple than you know about him.
New Posts  All Forums: