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Kind of a drag when Rule #1 is ignored, isn't it?
Not my intention to "sucker", just to have an open discussion about fairness.   The trick here is defining "intent".  I'm not suggesting that a formal definition can be arrived at, but I do see many people use presumptions of intent as an excuse to engage in very ugly behavior, unbecoming of a community that aspires to being taken seriously.
It would be sufficient to simply see Rule #1 applied less selectively.   There ya' go.    It's your forum, so if you feel it benefits your advertising revenue to encourage a lynch mob mentality, don't let fairness or civility stop you.  But if you want AI to be seen as anything more than the Bill O'Reilly of the Mac world, consider just applying the few rules you already have more evenly.
While you were preoccupied with advocating death for stealing a phone, perhaps you failed to notice that both states are among the few who pay more into the federal coffers than they take, in stark contrast to a majority of Red states who frequently complain about them.  So in essence, NY and CA pay for Red states who can't pull their own weight, effectively welfare cases living off the successes of these two.   Did you have a point in there somewhere, or do you just...
Unless Apple or Google are the ones stealing the phones, I'm not comfortable with placing any obligations on them to stop theft.   There may be an opportunity here for either or both to create compelling new features, but they should be only that, not obligations.  
Good luck:   Samsung 'makes 80% of microchip revenue from Apple devices' http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tech/news/a486959/samsung-makes-80-percent-of-microchip-revenue-from-apple-devices.html   Apple Resumes Buying LCDs from Samsung Display http://english.etnews.com/device/2773460_1304.html   Why Apple Can’t Escape Samsung: Globalization http://www.gottabemobile.com/2013/05/22/why-apple-cant-escape-samsung-globalization/
Did you read the title of this article?
Not to mention the advertising Appleinsider gives them almost every day for free.
"So the fifty or so S4's in a cupboard at work are sold or shipped?"
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