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mdriftmeyer has been calling this for a couple of years now... If true good call
ITS ALL ABOUT Siri....... It seems like the recent purchase of Summly ( 30 mill. to a company owned by a 17 year old h.s kid ) was all about the underlining tech. The tech was develop by SRI, the company behind Siri and has a similar tech. It is even being called "Yahoo's Siri". I think this is apple's and yahoo's way to get at google. I like the direction apple is going with this . http://www.businessinsider.com/why-marissa-mayer-bought-a-30m-startup-2013-4
That guy is awful.. What's even worse is that all these news outlets are giving him airtime !! And validating all his nonsense .... What I find frustrating is they do not mention other companies involved with Foxconn .. Guess thats what happens when you the biggest company in the world .
There is no technical reason for Apple not to offer the iPhone at 3G ,3.7G or 4G speeds to Tmobile USA . They currently use the qualcomm gobi chipset family that offers CDMA/hspa+ on a single chip in every frequency, and soon LTE as well.. Even before the Verizon iPhone appeared, Nokia offered gsm pentaband *3G phones unlocked, so one just had to change the sim card and could use anywhere in the world that is gsm, so Apple could have done the same.There must be other...
Is it possible for Apple to look into partnering with Harbinger and Clearwire to create a mobile network of their own . Harbinger Capital Partners is building a 4g satellite network, LightSquared, thats going to cover 92% of the us, and Clearwire needs money to keep developing their 4g network. any thoughts on this ? European options ? Europe's LTE 4g is on the 2.5 band the same as LightSquareds and Clears. One world phone with Apple controlling the whole experience .....
You do know that Apple bought Fingerworks and all of their patents, do you ?>
my argument exactly....thats what i have been telling everyone asking .
or go to the refurbished store and pay the say amount for one minus the hard drive size
The time i spent without mms, made me get used to using emails to send pics. I think ill stick to emails..... receiving them, from a dumbphone now that is a different story.
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