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This is a recipe for disaster. Remember what happened when Sprint bought Nextel.The incompatibility of CDMA and the IDEN networks made this deal a total disaster. Dan Hasse, Sprint CEO, said it clearly on The Charlie Rose show the other day, how they paid too much for it and the trouble of integrating both networks. Imagine another go at it this time Wimax with LTE ? Tmobile has a clear upgrade path to 4g with LTE . Sprint already on Wimax. It will cost billions and...
Where's mdriftmeyer? Is he not the major advocate for WebObjects? Would like to hear his take ?
interesting. mm OpenCl compliant and the architecture is tested already in the iPhone.. imagination did produce game consoles and desktop gfx chips . intel also owns 19% of the company.
He might be talking about Imagination Technologies. Still did not buy them outright just heavily invested in them like around 10% Intel owns like 16 % of Imagination as well and they are the makers of the gfx chip inside the iphone.
P.A. Semi + Imagination Technologies.. what else you need ?. Besides ARM is not going anywhere!!
it also has OLED screen i guess this is what the iphone might look like.
at least we know they are involved in OpenCl, so cannot be that bad. But Nvidia still has the edge in igp, i just hope nvidia and intel can patch things up ( cross license and all ), with the igt209 , the nehalem processor and snow leopard, the 13 macbook makes a nice package.
nvidia coming out with the igt209, no real info available just that it is coming out q3 '09. i guess apple, againa trying to keep those high margins, might use the less expensive intel igp, which hasnt proven itself . i just dont get it pushing the gfx more than ever, i would assume they go with the best card available in every segment. mac pro are getting there, imac eventually, if the redesign the case, the 'books who knows.
we know that amd/ati and nvidia are fully on board with opencl, but what about intel? a die shrink of the 4500 is a step back like you mentioned, again the macbooks hampered by the igp ....
The 9400m has performed very good, but does anyone one what gfx apple is going to use next ? with all the issues between intel and nvidia any ideas what are we seeing nxt ?
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