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thank you Moki, once again for calming our desperate need for comfort in these uncertain times.
T.O i was refering to the relationship between moto and apple. We can still use the 7457 in portables,but wouldn't you agree that once the 970 goes to .9 they are gonna be useless? By the way like reading your insights and its good to see you around :cool:
moto moto moto! what are we gonna do with. Do you not get the message? ITS TOO LATE!!!
IBM G4 2.0?
Moki what do you think about this?? sandbaggin 2?
Does this mean no more Mot 7457?
we know the chip is out there, so what would the rest of the powermac look like?
Damn!! Moki !! someonew was sandbanging!! [cancer]
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