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i have purchased 6 macs refurbished in 5 years (2 imacs, 4 notebooks ) and they come brand with the exception of you getting a brown box instead of a flashy one. Sometimes i think apple has that section to clear inventory and they do not make these more obvious in order to not affect their image. Apple does not have a sale section, they have a refurbished one. they come with all the software and warranty, and you can also buy them applecare.. Bottom line, by all means...
it looks like they might go after the flip, tying everything, like others have mentioned here, with iLife... i'll buy
like i said " for my computing needs" FCS nope Logic nope Aperture nope ilife and iWork yes and whatever is not yet optimized, maybe you are referring to cocoa apps, Apple will have most of them by SL. Do you think so?
with all these office suites is ms really that necessary ? can someone explain why we still use software that is not optimize for OS X ? For my computing needs i am ditching big developers that are not doing this..
has openoffice been developed on cocoa? or are you thinking about the NeXT tech?
buy sun!
What about the story about the new apple devices ? running PWRficient chips ? dual core 64 bit consuming only 5 to 12 watts?
For those who said that Apple would never bring microprocessors in-house, the just bought PA Semi. what would they use their designs for ? most definite the iPhone. what do you guys think? http://www.forbes.com/technology/200...0422apple.html
What company do you guys see out there, that can replace Wolfson.?
are the 1600mhz fsb xeons also coming? or are they delayed? no mention of them anywhere.
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