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What happen to the 1600mhz FSB variety ?
i got it, but could it be true for vista compatibility ? http://www.digitimes.com/systems/a20070322PD214.html
which site was that again? i can't remember
iwork? i guess the pro apps are not going to be dependent on leopard either! what about the secret features? i guess it gives apple time to develop them.
iphone iphone iphone
The rumors were right just saw the ticket on cnbc !!!
If i remember correctly, there were some rumblings early in the year, about apple letting loose an extreme version of FCP, and if true this would fit nicely. Maybe they have been looking at this company for awhile, waiting for the right time to pounce on it and intergrate it to the fold.
aperture is more or so competing with lightroom
well it seems like no one can mention which company and which app, can we see honestly taking advantage of a quad core procesor. i mean the bus is going to be saturated, higher latency, poor support for quad core, i mean all this talk about 8 cores running on a poor distributed bus, and bad app support? is this the next mhz myth? the more cores the faster the machine? We are living in a Texan world! ( For those who dont live in Texas, for that matter USA, in Texas...
im with placebo, aside from Apple apps,which one can you see taking full advantage of all those cores?
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