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hopefully we do get a macbook with core duo at about 700 or 800 bucks, but the point i am trying to make is that, if other oem come out with a portable using core2duo at these prices appple is gonna have to compete with something similar in that bracket.
calculating rate of inflation... mmmm.... what are we looking at in todays money?
you have a point, i agree with you in the availability of chips, but i dont think they should go that low, im afraid it will cheapen the brand overall. People associate inexpensive with being cheap, it might have that effect. The mini is inexpensive by apple standards but you can find pc at a lower price. You are right the availability of a broader range of chips does change everything
when was the last time Apple had a portable that cost about 700 to 800 bucks?? i dont remember
There is only one person that can shed light to all this ..... HARALD...!! where are you ? Any hints? ... HARALD?!...
ensoniq, you summed it up really well. For all the rambling thats going on , which line is getting which chip, if apple does not do what we all have stated, then they are most definitly taking us for suckers and we shall pay what we deserve for some crummy machines. the only thing that the apple tax applies to is OS X and nothing more.
xflare, you and i , are looking at this from the same perspective. By Apple getting in bed with Intel, they no longer control the general pricing nor features that go into their models. All this is determined by the market and how it compares to other brands.
the macbook is not getting the core2 duo untill production ramps up ( later in the yr, maybe mwsf or a silent upgrade) but if apple does not drop the price, they are getting it as soon as posible. Apple is not going to be able to compete with the rest of the industry at those prices with core duo, everyone is going to use core2duo at those price points and core duo for the less expensive lines, and apple does not compete there.
does anyone know spec of the samsung chip?
yep everything does make sense now. , barring anything unexpected, the move to intel was the best move.
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