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can someone shed some light with this respect, with the introduction of the 17 incher, the 13 or 14 macbook to be shown next month now, is it safe to assume that the portable lines are not going to receive the merom chip until mwsf 07? instead of the 3Q06?
i found the article! that states what chip apple is going to use on the next generation hdpod!! http://www.siliconvalleywatcher.com/...convalleyw.php i know its a yr old but it looks like this is what we are looking for.
Didn't Broadcom been rumored to be working with apple on some SoC chips? I think it was last yr when the ipod video came out.Chucker what you think about that?
guess you are right in terms of thickness. no intel then chucker?
I believe that apple is going to use Xscale chips on something. iphone, next gen ipod, something just chk out the list of all portable devices that have similar functions as the ipod. http://www.intel.com/design/pca/hof/index.htm
but isnt the Zen using a PXA255 running at 400mhz. how much different technically are the ipod and the zen?
intel has the XScale pxa27x and pxa255 that can be used. Remeber Intel saying that they were excited about current and future products.
will this be the right time to license ( if they ever do ) mac os x? just want to hear your feedback.
this is going to lead the way for ibook ( macbook! ) core duo mac mini core!! thatts for sure!
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