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mjteix your assessment is right on . Time to save up for my 13' 3 macbook pro!
will the 17 in use yonah or merom chip?
mjteix, what do you think will be the next major revision? aside from ibook, which is obvious, whats next due to the timeline you presented? i really want macbook pro 13", but with intel and knowing their roadmap, whats next with apple? what you think?
backtomac, merom the chip itself did not get pushed back, what got push back was the next generation chipset Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa is suppose to push the bus from 667 mhz to 800mhz, and also it comes with support for 802.11n and/or wimax. The desktop version of merom ( conroe ) is in oem hands right now with a shipping date of Q'3 of this year. As we see everything is in place, oh before i forget, Santa Rosa got pushed back, so computer companies can make some cash with...
ok, so by mwsf '07 the lineup should look like this: macbook/macbook pro : merom ? imac : merom or conroe ? promac (?) : woodcrest ( quads ) ? o almost forgot mini : merom celeron? what do you guys think?
M$ = Business ( office and all that ) Apple = Media. ( web and media content ) lets see microsoft pull office, although they are developing a adobe suite competitor.
they should buy "ADOBE"
i think i found where all this comes together listen out, and just so you guys give me a break, i come from a market point of view, no technical background. ok so here it goes with the advent of mobile tv, and apple being now in the content provider field, it seems only natural that they are gonna need a device with fills this field, something like a true videopod. Right now theres 2 competing standards; Qualcomms, and mobile dtv alliance ( intel, moto, texas...
first , Harald welcome back!! hope you come more often!! so do you think Apple is coming out with some communication device? phone ? tablet? pda/smartphone? your personal opinion is held in high regards.
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