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i guess so well good for Pixar. John Lasseter rocks!!!
Ok so now its official, what does this deal bring to apple? more content? more leverage with the rest of the industry? ??????? Comments?opinions?
Elixir, just remember that we are talking about intel and the world of x86 chips. they will update in no less than 6 months and apple is gonna have to put those chips in their machines, or else the rest of the pc makers are gonna run circles around apples mac( whatever they all called ) machines.
i would be satisfied with gradual increases, in speed and battery consumption. us average joes have more than enough power on our computers to perform our most used tasks. light weight and long lasting batteries and we will be fine. If Intel brings that with the merom platform, then lets ride the bunny.
Well according to TG daily and their sources Merom is coming out in september http://www.tgdaily.com/2006/01/11/me..._in_september/ info and link provided via telomar anf cosmos 1999 on a similar thread.
i think thats more like it the future looks pretty cool, well i guess intel might be the right thing.
hmurchison, so when the transition is over mac mini = core single MacBook= core duo ( yonah vers. ) imac= core duo ( merom vers ) MacBook Pro = core duo ( merom vers ) Powermac = ? Conroe or Woodcrest ( keeping quad configuration ? )
now i am hearing that the merom chip will be use in the update to the imac, since it has basically a portable motherboard, why not conroe? wasnt it suppose to be cooler and less power hungry? while all the others oem will be using conroe, are we gonna be stuck with merom?
hmurchison, think well be using merom by the end of the year?, steve said by the end of 06 we should be done, i think so what you say? MacBook Pro= 13'3, 15'4, 17 runing merom; MacBook ( sizes i dont have a clue )= yonah? sounds good?
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