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new core, deeper pipeline, 64bit, higher bus speed, and the begin of intel's new .65 chips, so beginning of new line versus yonah which is end of the banias/dothan line of centrino chips.
Since we now know that the Macbook Pro ( what a mouthfull ) is a 15 ' and the 17' Macbook Pro should be updated by NAB, Do you guys think the Ibook will stay G4 ( lower the price ), so they can introduce a new line MacBook, using single core? what are your thoughts? My head is spinning with various price update schemes. When are they using Merom, Conroe, Woodcrest? Thats really the next generation on the Intel roadmap. It a brand new world riding with intel. Hot...
one company might shed light to all this TRANSITIVE. http://www.transitive.com/technology.htm. Thats all im gonna say about this matter and if this is correct ( apple moving to intel ) its this company thats gonna be front in center on this matter.
i am !
Does anyone have any info on this company, and their relationship with Apple. On wat machine while they use it if they do? http://www.articasemi.com/ chk this out . any comments would be appreciated
I have been looking thru forums all over, and all of a sudden theres this rumor about apple and motorola working on a new project. We know about itunes on moto phones starting next year and because of Harald, we knew about the SE and apple collaboration on the iced out T637( iphone?). Now the drums are beating again this time its moto and apple working on a new device ( iphone 2) . If there is one guy that can clear this up in reference to this it has to be our very own...
With all the talk of Tiger, does anyone have a remote idea, that besides the fact the syncing is gonna be implemented system wide, will it support more bluetooth phones? will it support sycnML? i love the fact i can sync with my t616 but i need to upgrade and im leaning towards the new moto's or nokias which are not highly supported. Any info will be highly appreciated.
can i get one too
Why start a new thread, when there are a bunch out there? Mods should lock tthis one hard paddlock!!!
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