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What happens when you play the iTunes file backwards? Oh, wait...
I stand corrected sir.
I believe this was the first Troll comment in this thread (and here I am feeding you). The others are rightly expressing their disappointment, not baiting other posters into responding. So, "I don thing that word a means wha you thing it means"
Apple = The company that cried wolf. I like the Beatles, but Apple should know that people hang on every word that comes out of Cupertino. I agree this is not an event worth the hype it got. I don't know if Apple was forced into this or chose. But, while it may be a victory for Jobs, the way they handled it pissed me off. I know that Apple is often guilty of hyperbole (the magicalness of the iPad). But, believe me, I will curb my enthusiasm for future announcements...
I think it is slightly more complicated than that. I'm not an expert on RSS feeds, but I doubt that NYT has a totally frivolous claim. What I don't doubt is that their legal department is clueless about marketing and PR. I hope someone gets fired for this because it is going to generate a lot of press (ironic) and none of it good for NYT>
As of 1:00 Pacific time the application is still up on the store. Maybe all the publicity made Apple or NYT rethink the approach. I still don't understand why NYT didn't just privately contact Pulse and resolve it. Seems like another example of the big boys sh**ing on the little guys. I know that there may be some legal aspects to this, but regardless, it doesn't seem like Pulse was trying to rip off NYT. Me personally, I plan to boycott NYT content for being bullies.
New Posts  All Forums: