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This needs to be part of Siri. "Siri, remind me to get my mistress out of the house when my wife is within 5 miles." Siri: "Ok, I'll remind you". Sweet.
Not really. Currently you can always disable find my friends, but if you were at your girlfriend's house it might be suspicious if you are shown as "unavailable." Now when you go to your girlfriend's house you can just dial the precision way down and claim you were somewhere else if your spouse asks. Not that I am suggesting anyone should do that but it opens a whole new set of excuses if you're trying to be deceptive.
Hey, let's start a new internet meme. Every time any anything goes wrong in the world our answer should be "Well Apple has a $100 Billion in the bank, they could solve it." Example: Crisis in Greece. "Apple has a $100 Billion in the bank, why don't they just save Greece?"
Then maybe we will see a simultaneous release of 5.1 and iPad 3. Just the retina display will be enough for me as I am still rocking the iPad (haven't felt the need for the iPad 2).
True, but the addition of more cores assumes that software can distribute tasks across the cores. Just like the difference in i7 and i5 processors. If the application is not multi-threaded, then there is no difference. So, my assumption is that iOS wasn't designed for this kind of multi-threaded environment. And certainly no current apps can take advantage. Now maybe I am wrong about the way iOS is written, but it would seem to me that you would need an iOS update to come...
I doubt that a quad core chip is coming. And really, what does iOS need a quad core chip for? Unless you can multi-thread the active application you don't really need more than two cores. One core can handle the background processes, which are minimal in iOS and one can handle the current app. I predict a much faster, but still dual core processor.
The problem with copying is that you don't actually understand what you are doing. The Apple vs PC worked so well because they made PCs look lame and Macs look cool. What Samsung is doing it trying to make iPhone OWNERS look lame. Now, I could look at a product and say, "you have a point, my product sucks and I ought to try that one that looks cool." But who is going to say "Wow, I am such a loser since they say losers own this product. I must switch so that I will stop...
From our friends at 9 to 5 Mac.
Unfortunately, you haven't ever purchased software unless you hired a programmer. You only licensed it. And as such the license holder has rights to control or revoke it. It seems like it should be owned, but it isn't. Just like you never own a movie or music you only are granted rights to play it. But should you try to distribute it you are in trouble. Now I agree that for personal use people ought to be able to do what they like with licensed materials and that usually...
Yes, I did, so I guess I should have not included "sued". However since George didn't pursue the lawsuit we still don't know if game consoles are legally treated differently than mobile devices, so I don't feel comfortable using that as the standard to judge whether phone jail breaking should be done or not. I had jailbroken devices for a while, but the frustration of waiting for then next break after a patch was more than the value of having the few extra features I got.
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