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It's up!!!!!
I seem to remember that all the recent iOS updates have come at 10:00 PST, so this wasn't really any surprise to me. Maybe I'm recalling wrong but there have been several times where I was trying to distract myself at work while waiting for 10:00 to come (11:00 for me since I'm Mountain).
Reading these posts has been very entertaining. I got up and took my daughter to school at 8:00 mountain time, had some cereal and around 9:00 went to Apple.com and placed my order including paying for it in about 5 minutes. This was for wife's 3g. Kept unlimited plan (though she never gets close to 4gigs). There was no way that I was going to get up at midnight to order a new phone. What Apple has done is to fix the supply issue so that they won't run out quickly, but...
You are spot on here. Which is why I think that comparing what happened to the music industry to the movie industry is dumb. Unless Apple starts selling scenes from movies, people are going to buy the whole movie. Keeping Apple out of the game won't increase competition, it will decrease it. But the studios know that. Who would want to buy a blu-ray DVD for $35 if you could stream the movie for a couple of dollars? What would happen is that the price would have to drop on...
iTunes 10.4 looks very nice. Some nice eye candy. The out of character vertical buttons are gone and it seems very snappy. I'm assuming that it is using the Lion graphic elements. I'm at a university so I haven't updated to Lion yet (waiting for my IT guys to get me the file on a disk), but even on SL it seems a big improvement. And I can confirm that it is a 32 bit app on SL.
Yes, it is stupid, but the entertainment industry has a horrible track record of being at all forward thinking. Again and again they are caught off guard by technology. Their business models are stuck in the last century and they will likely deal with any and all changes kicking and screaming, rather than being proactive.
Actually, there is no difference in what you are purchasing. You never can buy music or movies, or software for that matter. You always are buying a license to use it. The fact that it came on a vinyl platter, or as 1s and 0s on a CD makes no difference. All you were paying for was the use of the material. If you copied your record on to a cassette and then sold it to a used record store (I guess I'm really dating my self) you were in violation of the agreement you entered...
Wow, a bunch of these post have shocked me. I have an iMac, MBP and a home-built W7 machine, each of which has a full copy of my music library on it. In addition I have time-machine backups of the macs and a weekly backup of the Windows machine. Plus I have a iPod classic that has a full backup of my music. Yes it's a pain to keep all my iTunes libraries in sync, but I have no sympathy for people who lose an important digital file with the technology available today. I...
The tethering data plan is required to use the hotspot feature. The tethering plan is only allowed with limited data plans. If you want to use the hotspot, your data plan would go from $30 to $25, and you would have to pay $20 for tethering. So, the choice would be $30 for unlimited (no hotspot), or $45 for tethering/hotspot with a limit of 4GB. So, it's a mixed bag.
This discussion has been very interesting, but I'm still confused. What the hell does this have to do with Charlie Sheen?
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