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Of course Comcast is Outta There! Duh! Time Warner too! However I don't doubt that one or two cable companies will sell their service soon thru iTunes. It makes total sense in that the lame ass service calls to "install" their Motorola boxes at your home needs to end
L O L !!!!!
Yea dammit! Tim Cook is destroying Apple by surpassing Same-song in overall worldwide sales of smartphones! Cook is an idiot! He's such a moron that he spilt the stock, pays a record dividend, and built Apple into the most valuable company and brand in the world!What a dunce! 😵
Agreed. The hilarity is that this ad ran even tho Same-song was an official PAID sponsor of the Oscars.. Gee I wonder who won in "this" category, Apple for its original ad on the "art" of its product or the ..
So the governments position basically said that Apple can't milk consumers but our own exclusively appointed nimrod can milk Apple?Oh ok. Got it.
Lololololol.... I so HATE Fords lame Sync made by Micro$oft
I vote for two acquisitions.1). Netflix2) Sprint or T-mobile
Ming...o Ming....Brutha where u getting this from? There was just a story focusing on the 6+ on how over the top popular it's become in many areas of the world unexpected. Being biased in that I have a 6+ - about 8 people in my circle got the plus. Lately when I'm pulling it out I'm getting more "is that the plus" ? Followed by "I think I want one"... For Apple die-hards (me being one of them) it took a lot of thought before jumping into the 6 plus. Like it or not...
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