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I know right??????Wtf! OMG such BAD reporting.Very very irresponsible 👿
What's WEIRD is the BS of Rhiannas songs scrambled on iTunes. If that was true and I highly doubt it was how does anyone know that Tidals people blocked her songs on iTunes so that in fact Tidal would then have an exclusive.I mean - what motive is it of Apple?Let's see... iTunes 500 million customers or Tidal 700,000? Who is desperate for more subs?I mean this is about the lamest journalism (lack of) I'm seen lately.It's completely made up because "Tidal" is D O A.The...
Oooooooooo. ahhhhhhhhh. Omg a model below expectations. Since you imply to be in the know. What "were" those "expectations... Exactly...?? I mean it's quite possible. So what?!?!?!?!?!?! Isn't there a neighbors dog peeing on your flowers some where? Seriously.
Um exactly.Let's see one of them has helped steer one of these companies to be the MOST VALUABLE COMPANY ON THE PLANET and the other GOT THE BOOT!Lol! She's an idiot.Oh and she also FAILED at her campaign for Governor of California -What also is so weird is how ungrateful some people are that after serious health issues they are luckily to just be alive ... What the !
Spot On!
LOLOLOLOLOL!!!No shame in their game -- I guess!
Of course Comcast is Outta There! Duh! Time Warner too! However I don't doubt that one or two cable companies will sell their service soon thru iTunes. It makes total sense in that the lame ass service calls to "install" their Motorola boxes at your home needs to end
L O L !!!!!
Yea dammit! Tim Cook is destroying Apple by surpassing Same-song in overall worldwide sales of smartphones! Cook is an idiot! He's such a moron that he spilt the stock, pays a record dividend, and built Apple into the most valuable company and brand in the world!What a dunce! 😵
Agreed. The hilarity is that this ad ran even tho Same-song was an official PAID sponsor of the Oscars.. Gee I wonder who won in "this" category, Apple for its original ad on the "art" of its product or the ..
New Posts  All Forums: