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A relative of mine had several failures with her MacBook from 2011. Three months ago she took it back into an Apple Store for again repairs - it literally crashed in the middle of taking the bar exam just days earlier. No lie. At the Apple Store - manager intervened and gave her $1100 refund on the spot - she immediately wanted a new MacBook so the mgr gave her free Apple Care. All happy in that family kingdom
I'm a 22 year Apple Customer... Yosemite is the best operating system yet. Seriously.Answering my iPhone call on my Mac and my iPad is just fucking cool. Yes. That feature is a showstopper.Now getting SMS for all text messages on my iPhone iPad and Mac is another awesome feature.Love the clean interface.And yea. These features just "worked" as advertised. Flawless in fact. 👍
Ok. I have a 6 plus. Yes.. I've had two restarts when in an APP since Monday's update. Yes I have a large App library. No, not seven hundred. Since this happens when using an App it seems it's the App itself causing the crash. I'm here to report first hand - The sky is NOT falling. Big deal. I will live...and so will most of you unless you go into cardiac arrest every time some glitch presents itself. People.... Try and focus on something really earth shattering...
Another WaPo hit piece of a__!
Lol! Want some company ?
The fact that this non-story has picked up so much media traction shows the idiocy of the media world.. If Samesung was "responsible" for Finlands demise -- the media and Wall Street would herald such news. Folks if you are still stuck in bend gate bliss-- this story should prove to you that Apple is the "hit" favorite.. What else is Apples fault? The war in Iraq? Syria?
For a lot of the reasons already said above... regarding apps...Are app makers clamouring for more and more ram and somehow Same-song steps up to the plate?? Or are they just throwing out higher specs to keep the fandroid community thinking they are tops?Also.. Does anyone know if or which apps in the App Store are already swift made? Curious
Right? Isn't this the SAME company that tracks my searches, my locations via its map software, my YouTube views, etc etc etc etc and Provides that information to the highest bidder?Yea that's what I thought.
What's up with this spontaneous bs? A delivery truck pulls up to my house. One of the workers jumps out and sees me holding my 6+. He says how do I like it then says his bent and he took it back for another one.. I said really? How did it bend? He said he was walking "at the mall" with it in his pocket lol.. I said did you sit on it? Did you drop it? He said no it was just in his pocket lolololol!I looked at him in disbelief and said "your iPhone just bent sitting...
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