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So the governments position basically said that Apple can't milk consumers but our own exclusively appointed nimrod can milk Apple?Oh ok. Got it.
Lololololol.... I so HATE Fords lame Sync made by Micro$oft
I vote for two acquisitions.1). Netflix2) Sprint or T-mobile
Ming...o Ming....Brutha where u getting this from? There was just a story focusing on the 6+ on how over the top popular it's become in many areas of the world unexpected. Being biased in that I have a 6+ - about 8 people in my circle got the plus. Lately when I'm pulling it out I'm getting more "is that the plus" ? Followed by "I think I want one"... For Apple die-hards (me being one of them) it took a lot of thought before jumping into the 6 plus. Like it or not...
Did somebody say F I A S C O!
Not so much that they are scared but want to circumvent the big three (Credit Card Companies) and their processing fees.  Reminiscent of the Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD fight.  The same will ring true here.  There is a reason AmEx, Visa, MasterCard all aligned behind Apple Pay.  It preserves their business model and thwarts Walmart and companies lame idea etc.  Apple Pay will prevail. Btw -- does Best Buy think they are above it all?  I mean talk about a company ripe for a takeover...
Great points all around. Looks like that will surely happen. Even if only Apple refuses that's enough to some of these stores to really hurt as retail data clearly shows Apple owners expendable income is so much higher - proven in one retail study after another - Apple users spend more at retail and online - period. Not only can Apple kick them off iOS they can in fact pull back merchandise and favor their competitors easily.The chief reason that Walmart etc are squeeze...
A relative of mine had several failures with her MacBook from 2011. Three months ago she took it back into an Apple Store for again repairs - it literally crashed in the middle of taking the bar exam just days earlier. No lie. At the Apple Store - manager intervened and gave her $1100 refund on the spot - she immediately wanted a new MacBook so the mgr gave her free Apple Care. All happy in that family kingdom
New Posts  All Forums: