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Same here. the download went quick but the back up is sooooooooooooooo slow.... It must be backing up to icloud. No?
started mine, it immediately said 1 hour to complete. This is HUGE day for Apple and I don't expect such a massive undertaking to go smoothly, so everybody CHILL. Remember, they have TENS OF MILLIONS of new customers with phones. A bit of perspective.....
What the? Dude, you smell like a paid shrill or salmon. Why? This thread has nothing about what you posted. Apple fanboy you aint'. Good try tho.Um, there is only two hundred new features in iOS 5. Maybe you should go buy a 4G Droid and literally watch your battery life vaporize. Poof."My Biggest Disappointment was iMessage" LOL!!!! Epic Fail. Exactly what would have "rocked" you "fanboy"?Seems like you've been outed. LOL
This is a SMART move by Apple. This phone is a bridge product to the real 4G upgrade is ready for primetime.Apple in no way could have released a phone to the huge fricking market it has gathered only to be a battery DUD like ALL the current 4G phones on the market.Smart move means let people on Droids get pissed at shit 4G performance and Apple becomes a KING MAKER again when it PERFECTS the battery life and experience that 4G will command, when the networks are ready. ...
Dude, welcome neewbie. The stock sell off on announce days is noting unusual. The iphone 4s is going to sell very nicely. 4G is not ready for primetime nukklehead. Any Android owner I know bitches how the battery needle goes to zero in a hour. Doh!http://www.apple.com/iphone/#video-4s
This dispells the iPhone 4s -- minor update b.s. Once and for all. It certainty refuels my feeling of a real 4s same form factor but cheaper.
To sum it up carefully -- Here in Los Angeles there are crews that carry guns that search the streets for people displaying an Iphone - in other words - they commit armed robberies to your apple device. Think I'm kidding? Trust me I know.
Betting Apple will do it's event either next thursday or friday. Why? To blunt any press growth on the kindle. Apple's announcements will smash Amazon's to pieces. Poof. Pulverized. Eliminated. Nuked. Dismembered. Blown to bits. Vaporized. anyone care to add.... jump on
I wouldn't pull out my iphone or ipad on any subway in this country. L.A. or New York
Dude who cares about what every single analyst predicts or doesn't predict. The bottom line is Apple has weathered the most disasterous economic environment not to mention the japanese disaster crisis, steve jobs health, the overblown antennagate, etc etc etc. all of this not by accident but by design. No company could have "managed" the growth operations successfully that Apple has. Nobody. That alone proves unmatched organizational power. I mean they are moving 30-40...
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