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Hahahahaha~!  So true...  In all seriousness, Apple is masterfully marketing this device to the FASHION MARKET and NOT the tech market.  They are not looking at creating a market but super serving a well oiled niche market that is extremely lucrative.  Of course they will get converters but thats for dessert...    The chief reason that the others digital watches have failed to "stick".  I read that only 3,000,000 watches by all involved have been sold to date.. Ouch!...
Wondering how successful it's been for you Samsung...😁
Brilliant marketing here. Going straight to the fashion world to build cool factor is the strategy that may win while other tech watches are floundering. What's brilliant is that unlike a phone - watches are a wearable that are not hip or cool - especially to tech heads or I dare say Andriods core market. In order to grow a market that isn't there --Apple seems to be going straight to the fashion market to attempt to make wearing a watch fashionable again.. Using this...
back up and running here
Yep - Im having that issue. Cant get iCloud mail. Can't connect to the iCloud server from Safari.. For me this started after I updated the latest OS Maverick Security Patch... I am NOT saying it's related, but I noticed this started shortly after they pushed it out...
Agreed... Let's all remember that Apple has a HUGE day tomorrow as the new phones go on sale in 20 more Countries !!!!!!
Next at bat will be Consumer Reports who is licking their chops on this one. Blood thirsty in fact...In fact for them this is bigger than antenna gate
I'll say this for the umpteenth time... Where are all the actual "in the wild" photos from posters here that "claim" 10 of their friends and family's 6+ are bent etc. where are they? Not one. In over 1000 comment posts on the original thread on this issue was people posting their OWN photos of this so called widespread issue ....Still waiting for the actual photos from people you know that speak to the apparent flood of design flawed phones out there damaged...
Hahaha there's already a name for that -- it's AMAZON 😘
Doesn't he seem extremely defensive and aggravated?Looks like the iPhone 6/6+ and Apple Pay etc has him PISSED!! 😤
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