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Back on topic 😏.. Just noticed the Amazon app updated for iOS 8 includes Touch ID as a method to sign in to the app... 👍👍
 Quote:Originally Posted by Tallest Skil  Yeah, and you’re completely wrong. Which is why I’m contesting it.  Most people post as if all downloading from anywhere on the planet is created equal... Im in Los Angeles - it took 10 minutes to download OTA at HOME via WIFI at 26mps... The verification and installation (That has NOTHING to do with Apple etc) took about 15-20 until restart... BTW... I was on the BETA of iOS 8 and my iPhone updated to the Public Release...
LOLOLOLOLOL!   Got caught up excitement !  oops!
I just saw this ad at the mall!!
 Clearly this is the real issue and the only issue.  When Apple is handling this all alone generally such issues don't occur.  The only time (for me) Ive had issues is when the purchasing process includes their servers "attempting" to talk to AT&T's (in my case).   Take a deep breath and just say ok, cool. We all want phones on release day.  Breath in again and say..  We all want phones on release day... Really. Is that reality?  No company on Earth delivers or even has...
Did somebody say... "FiRE SALE" lololololol
Lolololololol !!!! Was thinking the same Not thrilled with the plus name tho.. Decisions !Somebody will leak the real name today
A member of my family had a 2011 MacBook Pro.. It went in for repairs for various reasons over the years. Finally it gave out a month ago - they said it was the hard drive - they replaced it and assured her that would fix it..Well -- she had to take the Calif. Bar exam on the Mac Pro like two weeks ago... The Mac crashed right in the middle of the test. She freaked ! She's not sure what will happen to her exam...Meanwhile she went into an Apple Store here in Los...
😉 I "upgraded" my Mac Mini server to 16 gb RAM - against the Apple Gods wishes but hey I had to do it 😢! Some tech support peeps at Apple cut me slack and some don't
Seems like some you may not realize the $1100 price tag is MSRP and more likely can be competitively priced at $999 by retailers etc during promotions. This is more likely their "promotions" oriented basement model than anything else.. Yes the old Apple was MSRP was the price, of late the new Apple has unlocked retailers to more agressively put Apple price wise (finally) in the game...
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