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What's funny is that amount of fleas that fly out of the cracks when posts like this first appear.. I got the 6+. Anyone out there with a brain would first notice that out of the box this device is fragile. It feels exactly like a small iPad in structure so I handle it with care like I do with iPad. My 5s got a little more abuse but I take care of my stuff. I'm more concerned with whether the 6+ size fits into my lifestyle NOT the other way around. It's a incredible...
Here in Los Angeles...on Launch day... • 1000 people in line at Apple Store The Grove.. One thing stood out... A disproportionate amount of Asian's (compared to other Apple on-sales) were in fact in line and were noticeably carrying and obsessing mainly on Samsung devices...hummmm Apple fans? Yeah sure.. • 3500 people in line Apple Store Brea / Orange County.. Same report.. Contingents of Asians line waiting many only packing Samsung devices..and paying with hoards of...
Back on topic 😏.. Just noticed the Amazon app updated for iOS 8 includes Touch ID as a method to sign in to the app... 👍👍
 Quote:Originally Posted by Tallest Skil  Yeah, and you’re completely wrong. Which is why I’m contesting it.  Most people post as if all downloading from anywhere on the planet is created equal... Im in Los Angeles - it took 10 minutes to download OTA at HOME via WIFI at 26mps... The verification and installation (That has NOTHING to do with Apple etc) took about 15-20 until restart... BTW... I was on the BETA of iOS 8 and my iPhone updated to the Public Release...
LOLOLOLOLOL!   Got caught up excitement !  oops!
I just saw this ad at the mall!!
 Clearly this is the real issue and the only issue.  When Apple is handling this all alone generally such issues don't occur.  The only time (for me) Ive had issues is when the purchasing process includes their servers "attempting" to talk to AT&T's (in my case).   Take a deep breath and just say ok, cool. We all want phones on release day.  Breath in again and say..  We all want phones on release day... Really. Is that reality?  No company on Earth delivers or even has...
Did somebody say... "FiRE SALE" lololololol
Lolololololol !!!! Was thinking the same Not thrilled with the plus name tho.. Decisions !Somebody will leak the real name today
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