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Any competent stockholder MUST admit Tim Cook has done a VALIANT job all the while their growth has literally exploded and NO No way could Steve Jobs have '"managed" the company as skillfully as Cook. So many think its just about the products and cant comprehend "managing" increased production, distribution, customer support, shipping, etc etc etc. Apple has no doubt become a mangerial nightmare. Has Cook stumbled? Yes. I'd expect that after Steves loss and a vacuum...
CNN reports an IPHONE photo taken at the marathon is the BEST picture yet of the suspects....Pic was taken by a clothing company exec who was in Boston for the Marathon expo-- he was from Florida. - the pic is pretty amazing..."David Green snapped an iPhone photo shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings Monday. When the FBI released images of two suspects Thursday, Green, with the help of a friend, noticed something towards the lower portion of his own image. It was...
Wrong. I think Wall Street would cheer his return as he proved a solid leader in a critical time during Apples growth. Perfect for getting them ready for their next big thing...Plus the retail market is a different animal than when he left -- Microsoft expanding its presence, Google, now Same-sung... Personally as a stockholder I'd be impressed if they hired him back --
Seriously -- let's make bets he goes back -- position is open -- Apple stores are undergoing an update - new products coming -- it'll satisfy wall street -- and everyone's happy especially Apple Store employees - Googles going retail - Same-sung also.. The game has changed - new challenges.. He should 👍
Um, Johnson came from Target...
Um - does this guy *think* clearly? Or just *differently*? Like Apple doesn't *realize* unlocking the iPads full potential would be great.. Duh. Gee, I just don't think they or any other company for that matter is ready just yet to nuke it's laptop or even desktop computers. Sir -- sometimes there are reasons for limitations - whether we like them, or think they aren't innovative enough... Clue.
Funny that the cloud based apps I use ALL work..amazingly well in fact.. I mean does any of these reporters FACT check for themselves whether there truly is a *problem* with Apple OR is it the APP itself? I've found icloud so far to be more reliable than expected... I know a lot of you expect perfection but c'mon .... Let's all remember we live in the real world ...more times than not I find myself writing the App developer on issues -- that's if there's even a good way...
Who cares about Digitimes... Cook himself admitted "it's an area of INTENSE interest.... 2+2=.... The "digitimes" track record exposés have been beaten to death... The carcass is getting old.... Can we move beyond their "track record"... Speaking of which 99% of analysts, pundits and posters thought the iPad mini was the "stupidest" move Apple could do.... Apparently Cook and team had the CORRECT hindsight a year or so earlier to move that product to market....doh!
Man...I think your right... Now it all makes sense... A better compression codec fits earlier info about a certain American cable company testing an " unbranded " product with a focus on content delivery realities... Of course Apple would kick off UHD.... I think this is the real deal... the display, the codec, then the content...could equal "revolutionary"....???!
I agree with others here.. This smells like shill bait by Same-sung... Funny all these exploits seem to coincide with Same-sungs "SAFE" multi million dollar marketing push???
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