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I agree with others here.. This smells like shill bait by Same-sung... Funny all these exploits seem to coincide with Same-sungs "SAFE" multi million dollar marketing push???
Um, what "if" Schiller was right and the OS is a year old - winner! It alone immediately will get a lot of mentions today once the G4 is released. Some of you DON'T understand PR. Apple wins because they could in turn be right and torpedoes Samsungs ad campaign how old Apple is - Get it? I preface by saying that it's a gamble. If Schiller knows something we don't and got it out there as spin - then smart move.If he's wrong --- on the other hand then... Then it's...
Um if larger iPad display sales "collapsed" I'd chalk it up to people sweating what was the normal refresh's expected this time of year for the past three.. I've got the iPad 3 my wife the mini - she's hooked solid on it.. Am loving games like Temple Run 2 on mine.. Amazing ..
And T-Mobile is doing the smartest thing yet... Pay monthly for your iPhone -- to own it.. It will be huge...,
Exactly right. Betamax was "the" standard for broadcast industry for years and years..What about Blu Ray? They keep saying how great it's doing yet myself I haven't bought one in months -- going from buying two or three a week. Talk about a format that Steve Jobs him very self cut one of its legs off at the start.. It's been pegging along ever since..
What's so crazy is that if this was Apple.....
Um, this is more about them getting injunctions etc when people like Samdung (the small s on my mac keyboard isn't working) use it in advertising etc etc. No one outside of China would actually build a store exactly like a.... Smart move of theirs even if most you don't see the reasons.
Im betting those of us that have a ATV3 realize that something big is coming down the pike sooner rather than later... The cries and chants for more features isn't going unheard, just don't expect it on our boxes maybe?? Someone asked about the remote app on the iPad, iphone, touch etc. Yes, it works great for me...on all my devices and lets you search on it instead of the supplied remote - ugh... The app is where its at. I have two ATV's and like how they are named...
I don't think they said "more accurate guidance"...On the contrary...they said a broader guidance so Wall Streeters don't take a dump when they miss RECORD earnings by $200 mil....Ugh.
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