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Some people think it would be awesome to have a super popular game making $50k a day, with all the attention and fame that deserves. This guy didn't. Kudos to him for going with his beliefs, despite the obvious negative reaction he was going to receive.
Get 1Password and Dropbox, problem solved.
Based on my experience working on iDevice repairs, this is absolutely relevant. On many actuators, apple uses a small piece of foam to bridge the gap from the plastic button to the control cable inside the unit. Over time, the adhesive wears off, the piece of foam moves, and the button no longer reaches, disabling the part. I've seen it on iPhone and iPod Touch power buttons, and a lot on 5th generation iPods with the home button. Anytime apple uses a piece of foam on the...
I agree with Firefox on this. IMHO there's no reason apple should lock out anything non-Webkit based, unless they are deliberately trying to get people to stay with Safari. (Or to kill FF on purpose, who they know doesn't use webkit.) I mean seriously, if people want to use an app that renders in something other then webkit, why should apple stop them? It doesn't make any sense. If the app renders poorly and sucks, people will just not download it. There's no threat to...
Apple killed the older model iMac before they had sufficient stock of the new one, which was horrendously bad planning. They literally had no iMacs to sell anyone, because they could not time the new release correctly. This is management's fault, plain and simple.
I like how the car straddles the divider line between lanes. "KITT, could you please not drive drunk?" "Sorry Michael... bURP..."
I agree with a poster on another forum that Samsung just wants to troll Apple at this point. All the attack ads, all the blatant copying. There's NO WAY someone at Samsung didn't look at the Wallet app and either notice the resemblance to Passport or blatantly copy it on purpose. The two companies are so obviously competitors that someone would have pointed out the resemblance.   I'll say this at least for Samsung, they've got guts.
Why does some company always have to take the Microsoft role with Apple?
This ad is easily countered by showing the billions of apps and other things the iPad can that a Kindle can't. The people who look at a Kindle and see a cheap iPad already bought their Kindle's. I don't see how this sways anyone%u2013 the people buying iPads already know it's the apps that make it worth what its, not just the screen alone.
  They specifically said the new jailbreak does not work with ATV 3.
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